Partner Products

Solihull Moors are proud to promote their partnerships with companies within the hospitality industry, especially when such companies offer such exemplary products as the ones showcased below.

The club will do its utmost to support those who have supported them. So please do take a minute to check out what’s in store!


Colcombe House Cider

Colcombe House offers premium cider made in Herefordshire and Moors fans could have that delectable orchard taste delivered straight into their living rooms.

By only selecting the finest apples from their orchards, Colcombe House makes a delicious, crisp cider that will leave you wanting moor!

So why not cheer on your beloved Moors and taste the Moorish result of Colcombe’s New Catch Cider with a home bar box!? 

There really are some great deals to be had, so don’t be shy, head on over to their website today!

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The Butchers Social

Chef Mike Bullard and his team have been serving up delicious meals to Moors hospitality guests for the past two seasons and now it’s time for Moors fans to sample the Butchers Social from the comfort of their own homes!

With plenty of food, drink and even cookery tutorials available, it would be rude not to browse their online shop. Bored of the same old lockdown routine, then why not try one of the Butchers’ cook-a-longs, with lessons for cooks of every level, you’re sure to find one that suits you!

Don’t believe us, then head over to their website and check it out for yourself.

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